Hotel und Restaurant Am Pfauenhof


Opening Hours:

monday - saturday: 8.00 - depending on occupancy

sunday:                   9.00 - depending on occupancy

kitchen is open from 18.00 hrs, sundays from 17.30 hrs 


Celebrate in our extra room,or in our Clubroom-fireplace-room

 possible till 80 persons.....,

All In, how long you want/can... marriages, birthdays, company party and, and

This offer is from 45 persons on demand possible!

Marriagebuffetprice incl. drinks from € 39,50

Party/Birthdaybuffetprice incl. drinks from € 49,50

( Buffetoffer under the point: restaurant )


Restaurant   Restaurant   Restaurant   Restaurant   Restaurant   Restaurant



We hope to welcome you in our restaurant and give you here a short cut from our actually menue:



Tomatocreamsoup with whipped cream 4,80 €
Bruscetta Classic with tomato and onions 5,30 €
Gnoccis with spinach and cherry tomato 13,50 €
Fishplate „Am Pfauenhof“ a selection of fishfillets with parslaysauce, potatoes and a small salad 16,20 €
fillet of pork plate " Am Pfauenhof" fillet of pork with champignoncreamsauce, croquettes and small salad 15,80 €
Gentleman plate, small sirloin steak with roasting onions, chips fries and herbal butter 24,50 €
2 balls of vanilla-icecream with hot cherries 4,50 €