Hotel und Restaurant Am Pfauenhof

All In buffet offer

Celebrate how long you want/can with our All in....

marriages, birthdays, company partys...

( this offer is possible from 45 persons)



Bitburger Bier, selected wines,

sparkling wine, alcohol-free drinks

red schnapps and corn schnapps





Roast cut on remoulade sauce
Asparagus rolls
Tomato mozzarella with balsamico
melon with ham
Smoked fish platter


Colorful salad buffet with various dressings

Beef broth with plentifully
Beef stew with its own sauce

fillet of pork in a mushroom cream
selection of fishfillets on a parsley foam
Salt potatoes,
Noodles and vegetable selection



price for marriages incl. the called drinks from 39,50 €


price for party / birthdayparty incl. the called drinks from 49,50 €