Hotel und Restaurant Am Pfauenhof

Offer for a buffet


Offer for a buffet:



Cold part:

Fine smoked fish selection

"Artländer" ham with honey melon

Tomato mozzarella with balsamic sauce

Poularde and fresh roasts with remoulade sauce

Colorful salads as well as leaf salad with two different dressings

Warm part:

Beef broth with plenty of inlay


Pork tenderloin in forest mushroom sauce,

Grilled salmon fillet on leaf spinach and white wine sauce,

Beef roulades in red wine sauce,

Oven-fresh duck breast in orange-mugwort,


Rosary cabbage, vanilla carrots, bean rind,

Red cabbage, salt potatoes, white ribbon noodles, potato dumplings


Dessert selection